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Jeffrey Ladish

Affiliate, Bioengineering
Jeffrey is a cybersecurity and biosecurity consultant assisting Dr. Megan Palmer’s group in research on the management of dual use technologies. Jeffrey previously served as Chief Information Security Officer at Reserve and founded Gordian Research, which provides operational security and select biosecurity consulting services. He holds a BA/BS in evolutionary biology from The Evergreen State College. His previous research work has explored the history of nuclear arms races and nuclear accidents, and he seeks to apply lessons from that field to reducing the threat from biological weapons. Jeffrey co-organized the Catalyst Biosecurity Summit in February 2020, which brought together a broad range of synthetic biologists, policymakers, and academics to work towards the safe expiration of biotechnology, and also co-organizes the East Bay Biosecurity group, a network of young professionals and technologists with an interest in solving biosecurity problems. Through the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jeffrey helped develop an exposure notification app, advised local policy makers on test and trace practices, and worked with the UCSF to help ensure the quality of imported COVID tests. In his spare time, Jeffrey enjoys rock climbing, armchair ornithology, and exploring the natural world.