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Long Term Fellow, CRI

Marc Santolini

Long Term Fellow at the Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity (CRI), Paris

I am a long-term research fellow and team leader at CRI research (Paris) and a visiting researcher at the Barabasi Lab (Network Science Institute at Northeastern University, Boston). I am also the co-founder of Just One Giant Lab, a nonprofit initiative aimed at developing decentralized open science challenges using smart digital tools.

I majored in theoretical Physics and minored in philosophy of science at ENS, Paris. I followed up with a PhD in the Statistical Physics Department of ENS investigating gene regulatory networks using tools from physics and machine learning. During my postdoc at the Network Science Institute of Northeastern University and the Division of Network Medicine at Harvard Medical School, I have investigated the networks underlying biological systems at all scales, from network medicine (protein interactome analysis) and personalized medicine to hospital network analysis, to the making of biology by studying the iGEM competition, an international student competition of synthetic biology. Since my arrival as a team leader at CRI Paris, I am studying collaborative learning and solving using network approaches on large empirical datasets, with the end goal to develop tools fostering collective intelligence for social impact. Beyond the CRI fellowship, I have acquired Regional (Ile de France), National (ANR JCJC), European (H2020) and International (NESTA) fundings to pursue these investigations in the upcoming years.

I have organized several satellites at various conferences (on Network Medicine at NetSci, on Hybrid Collective Intelligence at CCS, NetOpen21 at Networks2021) and was a co-organizer of the flagship conference in complex systems, the International Conference of Complex Systems (ICCS18) in Cambridge, MA. In Paris, I am a co-organiser of the Network Seminar and am teaching the Network Science course of the Digital Master at CRI. More generally, I am interested in how decentralized open science can solve health related problems at scale in an inclusive way, and in 2018 I received the Sage Bionetworks “Young Investigators Award” for my work on “Algorithms and the role of the individual”.

I am currently located at the Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity (CRI) at 10 rue Charles V, Paris 75004, room 2.15.